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With and without denoiser. Credit: Lee Perry Smith scan

Guerilla Render includes an experimental denoiser and supports the InnoBright Altus denoiser

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Golaem 4.3.2 is now available and compatible with Guerilla Render 1.4. Its new procedural rendering plugin for Guerilla Render is available on demand on Golaem website

Integrated in Autodesk Maya, Golaem makes it easy and affordable to populate worlds with directable digital characters, from a few to thousands. Artists from all over the globe use Golaem to bring life to commercials, episodic productions, feature films and games

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New displacement + bump mode


Without and with vector displacement. The model is rendered with only two steps of subdivision

Credit : Cedric Lepiller

Achieve the displacement or the vector displacement and the bump with a single texture.

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The Archives sample renders instances of an archive which contain a teapot and its shading and subdivison setup

An archive is a .rib file filled with static, ready to render, set of objects, lights and shaders. The objects include the overrides set by the RenderGraph at the time of the archive creation.

This workflow can be used to pack a large set of objects (like a large static set) in a single file and continue to work with a lightweight Guerilla project.

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Shader inspection



Click the Eye widget to see in render the shader in action!
For instance, inspect the st node to sneak peek the geo UVs instead of the texture

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New Hair shader


A new physically based yet artist controllable hair shader
Fast multiple scattering to simulate diffuse in light colored hair

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Flakes normal shading node

Antialiased flakes shader for car paints

Toon shader

Easily render outlines and cells

Better instances



Pick instances in the viewport and in the render view
Override specific instances with the RenderGraph
Improved performances to fit even more objects in the scene

Massive number of lights


More than hundred of thousands of lights!
Cutoff threshold to reduce rendering time

Reduced memory footprint

Better geometry compression ratios
Less memory means more polys in your scenes!

XGen support for curves, instances and spheres

Support of the new Autodesk Maya’ XGen procedural

Golaem Crowd


Support of the Golaem Crowd procedural


Support of OpenColorIO
New display LUTs

Motion blurred voxel fluids

Voxel velocity is now used to properly motion blur voxel fluids



Super fast opacity for transparent leaves, hairs, particles..
Global performances enhancement : faster, smaller, nicer.

Raytrace all kind of volumetrics (Maya Fluid, OpenVDB, FumeFX, objects filled with volume, infinit volumes) using our easy to use Volume shader, including a black body model.

Render all point cache file formats, (abc, bgeo, bin..) with any shape (points, streaks, blobbies, spheres, sprites..).
Introduce a dedicacted Particle shader.

Improve the render quality for indoor scenes.

Procedural geometry
Generate million of hairs, fur, grass.. using our new Procedural.
Use your Yeti(R) fur files directly in Guerilla.

Python scripting
All the Guerilla API is now scriptable in Python.

Checkout the nice and up-to-date documentation.

Deep Image
Render OpenEXR 2.0 deep images.

New powerful shaders
Rough glass, Eye shader, Volume and Particles. As usual, versatile, ready and easy to use.

Image picker
Select, inspect, drag’n drop geometry directly in the Render View.

Lens shader
Introduce new programmable camera lens shaders (lens distortion, fisheye, latlong projection).

HTTP monitor
Monitor your render nodes in your web browser. Watch the rendering live. Use the JSON api.